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BikerSeek is looking for people who would like to contribute to The Biker’s Search Engine. So, if you’re a biker who likes to surf the Net, searching for good biker stuff (of course you are, you’re using BikerSeek!), then why not help other bikers to find the good stuff you’re finding?

Why Join BikerSeek?

Contributing to BikerSeek is better than just posting links. You’re giving other bikers something they can actually use to find what they’re looking for. It’s like that old saying, “Don’t just give a man a meal. Teach him how to hunt.”

BikerSeek is all about bikers helping bikers.

By becoming a Seeker, you’re doing a good thing for the Biker Community - you’re helping out other bikers everywhere by eliminating spam and other crappy sites from search results, and listing only useful sites for bikers.

Let’s face it, the spammers and “domain parkers” are becoming a real problem on the Net -- sites that list only advertisements and random links... Nothing very useful, just boring & useless website spam. It was bound to happen some time. Now that the government is cracking down on email spam, the spammers are setting up junk websites.

BikerSeek is about finding and listing good sites for bikers. Especially the good sites that don’t get really high rankings in regular search results from Google or Yahoo. For example, there are a lot of really good biker blogs out there, but most of them don’t get many visitors, because people can’t find them. BikerSeek contributors can help change that!

BikerSeek - The Biker’s Search Engine

There are 3 ways you can help:

1) You can Volunteer to contribute some great biker sites

2) Spread the word about BikerSeek on your site, or by word-of-mouth to your friends

3) You can post the BikerSeek Search Engine on your own biker site

Click Here to Get the BikerSeek HTML Code for Your Own Biker Site.
(You don’t even have to join BikerSeek to use the search engine widget on your site.)